Tower Shoot Rates
There is a one hundred bird minimum package for $1500 plus tax or ten birds per hunter at $15 per bird whichever is the greater. Tower shoots include a lunch for your group and a retriever for the shoot. If interested in purchasing more than the minimum number of birds, please contact Jim for prices. Bird cleaning is available at $2.00 per bird (breasted) and $3.00 per bird (whole skinned). When available, packaged frozen birds are offered for an exchange of your shot bird plus $4.00.

Released/Scratch Birds

Photo taken by Steve Jordon

2018-19 Released Bird Rates for Members and Public
When releasing birds a minimum of three pheasants or six chuckers must be released per hunter. This applies to members and nonmembers.
Released Birds Released per Group Public

*Member First Forty

Pheasant 3 $22/Bird $15/Bird
Pheasant 4 to 15 $20/Bird $15/Bird
Pheasant 16 or more $19/Bird $15/Bird
Chuckers 6 $14/Bird $9/Bird
Optional Bird Cleaning: $2.00 per bird (breasted) and $3.00 per bird (whole skinned). When available, packaged frozen birds are offered for an exchange of your shot bird plus $4.00.
Dog with handler available for members and nonmembers $25/Hour
*Membership entitles one to reduced rates on the first forty pheasants. Two chuckers are equivalent to one phesant.
Hunter's Education Special : Children and adults who have completed a hunter's education safety class within the last year will receive a special price of $12.00 per bird for three birds during their first hunt. (Proof of completion is required)


2018-19 Scratch Brid Rates
All hunters who have harvested their released birds may continue hunting for additional birds that were perhaps not harvested by a previous hunting group. (scratch bird hunting) However there is a fee for the taking of these scratch birds dependent on the number of birds your group released and whether you are a member of the club.
Total Scratch Birds Harvested by Group Released per Group Public


1st two Scratch Pheasants 3 to 19 $10/Bird


1st two Scratch Pheasants or Chuckers 20 or more Free Free
More than 2 Scratch Pheasants 3 or more $10/Bird $10/Bird

1st two Scratch Chuckers

6 or more $5 Free
More than 2 Scratch Chuckers 6 or more $5/Bird $5/Bird
*Members may hunt for two scratch birds without a release.

Membership (At the present time the club is not taking new members)
A two year $150 membership may be purchased at any time during the regular season and expires at the end of February. This entitles the member to reduced rates for the first forty pheasants purchased and free scratch bird hunting with no release. (Two chuckers will be counted as one pheasant)

As a member, you may hunt for two free scratch birds without a bird release. Members may shoot up to 20 free scratch birds without release during their two year membership. Any birds shot over this are subject to the standard scratch bird rates and do not count toward the 20 birds. Any scratch birds shot when birds are released by a member do not count toward the 20 bird limit as well.

Scratch bird hunting for members is offered ONLY when fields are available and you MUST call or text to confirm a hunt. You are also required to sign in and out using the clubhouse mail box.

Open 10/1/2018
Open daily by appointment from 9 AM to dusk
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